April 29, 2016

About US & FAQ

We are committed to making our library a continued cornerstone in our community.

Rachel Kolk, President

Melanie Suk, Vice President



  1. Why do we charge for membership?  Membership Fees are our main source of income in order to do good things for the library.  
  2. What will membership fees go towards? Our fees will always be used responsibly and for the advancement of our library.  That can be through gathering community involvement, special projects for the library, and supporting the building fund.  During our meetings we discuss details of our current needs and goals.
  3. What if I want to support the Friends of Henika, but I don’t have the time to volunteer? Financial Contributions, no matter the size, are helpful as well as helping spread the word about us on Facebook and sharing our newsletter.
  4. What if I can’t afford any contribution or membership fee? You are still welcome as a volunteer!
  5. What is required of me if I become a member? To be a member you must fill out the membership form and pay the annual dues.  There are no further requirements unless you want to take a more active role.
  6. What are some things I could do as a member? You can volunteer at book sales, help organize fundraisers, participate in the monthly meetings and share ideas.
  7. What are membership benefits? Member Benefits:
    1. $5+ Membership
      1. 50% Discount on Annual Book Sale
    2. $25+ Memberships (must show card in order to receive discounts)
      1. Include all $5 Membership Benefits
      2. Special Events at Local Businesses (to be determined)
      3. Discount at Henika District Library on all Printing and Copying
      4. Presale invitation to Annual Book Sale
    3. $45+ Memberships (must show card in order to receive discounts)
      1. Includes all $5 & $25 Membership Benefits!
      2. 2 Membership Cards
      3. Discounts on Friends of Henika District Library Fundraisers & Sponsored events.


I pay taxes, why would I donate more to our library? Have you ever participated in a PTA?  We are sort of like a PTA, but we are working with a library instead of a school.  We are a group of people that know our library staff and board members work hard.  We want to show them more community support and make our library even better. Even with the influx of money that the library gets from taxes, there is still more needed–more money and more community support–to take our library from average to extraordinary.